About Us

Jamarko was established in 2001 as a small cottage industry with the view of contributing towards environmental conservation and to provide employment to the underprivileged, especially women.

While Jamarko’s short-term objective is to minimize the amount of waste paper, the long-term goal is to help conserve natural resources and habitats, and promote local handmade products. Through its activities and campaigns, Jamarko helps create awareness about the importance of reducing consumption and waste, provides handmade recycled paper and products as an alternative to consumers.

Jamarko recycles waste paper and produces recycled paper and product. At Jamarko, we collect paper waste from various sources, and recycle them to produce recycled paper products. Jamarko also uses Nepali Lokta Paper to create various paper products. Lokta paper is a traditional handmade Nepali paper made from Lokta fiber, a native bast fiber renown for its strength and durability.

We believe there is a high potential for the use of recycled paper and products in our communities. But most importantly, paper recycling, today, has become a necessity to conserve the limited natural resources and the habitat of countless other beings.

Our Story

Growing up in a clean and green Nepal, the issue of unmanaged waste especially paper waste in Kathmandu valley concerned Aruna and Muna, the founders of Jamarko, a lot. Paper constitutes around 9% of total household waste in Kathmandu. Realizing the prospect of reusing and recycling paper, they decided to start a paper recycling company. Both sisters attended various workshops and training to learn the methods of paper recycling, and craft them into functional and innovative products. Since then Jamarko has been in the forefront of paper recycling in Kathmandu.

Jamarko is the only recycled paper factory in Kathmandu that has been tirelessly working since the past 15 years. The market is tough given the political instability in Nepal, however, Jamarko is undaunted by the circumstances and remains to continue its effort to recycling awareness and local product promotion.

Our Values
Eco-friendly Ethically made Handmade with premium quality

We recycle post-consumer waste and also use sustainably harvested native Lokta fiber to create all our paper products. Jamarko won the Women's Contribution for Environment Conservation and Preservation Award from Ministry of Forests and Environment on 2005 World Environment Day.

We ensure all our workers are fairly compensated and have good working conditions. In addition to recycled paper that we produce, by using handmade Lokta paper to craft our products, we also provide support to the under-employed people in rural Nepal who produce Lokta paper. Furthermore, we are committed to fostering long term relationship with local artisan groups.

All our products are handmade using quality raw materials making each piece unique and special. We provide skill building training to our workers to ensure all our products come out with premium standardized quality and uniformity.


The New Way to reduce.reuse.recycle.

Eco-friendly products for Friends of Environment.

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